Valarie Mulberry is a Treasure Valley, Idaho based performing, singer-songwriter. Valarie grew up in a ghost town the Oregon Coast and drifted around most of her adult life; moving over 36 times which included a two year stint in the south of Vietnam and five years on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Her album “The Simple Things” -of which the title song showcases the beauty of the islands of the Pacific - was featured on a number of radio stations on the West Coast. Valarie is a heart and soul songwriter and performer with an unforgettable voice. She connects deeply to her audiences moving them with both her music and hilarious stories from her unusual life experiences.

Her next album, currently in production, will highlight a batch of new songs which lyrically emphasizes themes of consciousness, empowerment and manifestation. Her song “Higher” on her last album was a prelude to what was coming on the next. With titles such as “I am Free,” “The Law of Fire,” and “Time Will Tell All Lies,” Valarie is doing what artists often feel born to do; call in the truth so it can be heard, recognized and thereby rectified. 

Her Americana Soul musical stylings can be heard on FM radio stations K-LITE 101.7, KCBX 89.5, KCSB 91.9 on the Central Coast of California and two of her songs “Higher” and “Unravel” are played regularly on two stations in Oregon; KRVM 91.9 and commercial station KYTE 102.7.  KCBX in San Luis Obispo says that “Valarie is a real joy to watch as an entertainer, has lots of interesting stories and some great tunes.” Her music can also be found on Spotify and Pandora and purchased on itunes.