Valarie Mulberry's next album, currently in production, will highlight a batch of new songs which lyrically emphasizes themes of consciousness, mysticism, reincarnation, revolution and manifestation. Her new album will not even include one traditional love song.  One such nontraditional love song is the one that she wrote for her baby and recorded when 9 months pregnant.  It's about calling her daughter’s soul in and is the first song she ever wrote on piano. With the help of fellow songwriter and producer David Loeppke she finished the yet unreleased track less than two weeks before her daughter, Iris was born. 

Santa Barbara residents may recognize Valarie from her performance on a Back-Beat TV episode that aired on Cox Cable for two years and featured the title track of her first album “The Simple Things” released in 2014. Her Americana Soul musical stylings can also be heard on local FM radio stations K-LITE 101.7, KCBX 89.5, KCSB 91.9 and two of her songs “Higher” and “Unravel” are played regularly on two stations in Oregon; KRVM 91.9 and commercial station KYTE 102.7.  KCBX in San Luis Obispo says that “Valarie is a real joy to watch as an entertainer, has lots of interesting stories and some great tunes.” Her music can also be found on Spotify and Pandora. 

Valarie can still be found playing regular gigs. Motherhood has not stopped her. "We make it into a family event. My husband is my roadie and sound man and he takes care of the baby when I am playing. She loves it.