1. Linger

From the recording The Simple Things

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Verse 1:
It all runs together like the watercolors I paint,
Just memories and impressions
Someone rarely understands them, let alone me,
I let the passion take me away
I get swept away in the stream, it seems to me you are there somewhere
Not wanting me to leave
Letting go the biggest lesson that's so hard to learn
You were a flash on my movie screen I surrendered but I still ear
as the sun rises you return in dreams to me
and you still linger, you still linger here
Verse 2:
I try to get on with my day I get up and clean the house
Clean the cobwebs off of my heart
Oh to my dismay they are back the very next
There are busy threads winding here
I thought I heard a whisper spoken I thought I heard a window open
That's my cue to roam
Repeat Chorus
One level down it's a whole lot different
It appears so perfect on the surface
Sometimes it bubbles up, I have to find somewhere to put it
It's just a feeling, it's just a feeling, it's just a feeling
Repeat Chorus